Bluest eyes.

Hello, I need to talk to you. I’ve needed it for a long time but I haven’t had the guts to ask you for a moment of your time; I guess I didn’t want to seem lame or clingy, I didn’t want you to push me further away from you, so I just kept quiet … More Bluest eyes.

Hoy no llueve.

¡Hostia cómo duele! Cómo duele verte pasar de mi sin darte cuenta. Qué difícil es verte sin que me veas y que me oigas sin escucharme. Que te lo digo una y mil veces, que te quiero, que te quiero para mi y solo para mi. Y es que se me cae el alma a … More Hoy no llueve.

Too Special

The resolution for this little girl at the beginning of the week was to focus on herself, to take care instead of being taken care of, to think about her own, to do what she pleased to do. This little girl who had never been loved decided to love herself. Because she could do everything … More Too Special


She was overwhelmed by the situation in ways she couldn’t even explain, “Is it possible to feel too much?”-She wondered still gazing at his silhouette in the dark from the warmth of her car. She had been sitting there for at least 15 minutes, waiting for him, for she knew where exactly he would be. … More Beware…


Cada vez duele menos. Cierto es que cada vez me importa menos, y que sentimientos me quedan pocos y todos ellos con fecha de caducidad.  Mis últimas esperanzas las asposté todas al color rojo y todo me está saliendo negro. Negro como tu pelo y tus ojos.  Tu te vas sin miramientos y me dejas … More Negro