A little bit too far

I found you when I was broken down. I didn’t want to do it anymore, I was alone at a dark place, that was sucking my life away.

You held my hand through the light, your big hands. You hugged me at night, as if you were never going to let go. It was so very simple. We were so very similar.

I think in a few weeks my exhausted heart became in love. In love with your ways, your smell, your hideous laugh.

You said you liked me, you said you saw a future, you said it was so easy and comfortable to be around me. But now you’re gone. As if none of that meant anything, as if you had the gut to make it up.

You said you would never hurt me, that I deserved the best, that you were gonna give me the best. But you didn’t, you left.

Now I’m alone again, at that dark place, but now I don’t want anyone to come along, I don’t want anyone to hold my hand and hug me at night. I wanna stay here. Or stay nowhere at all.

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